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Native American Indian Black Salve

SalveNative American Indian Black Salve is made with the finest organic ingredients. Made in the way of the medicine man, handed down from generation to generation. It has been used for centuries to rid the body of unwanted viral, bacterial and fungul problems.

Indian Black Salve is a powerful healer. In many cases it is a relentless substance that hunts
down and penetrates all abnormal tissue. Some discomfort, itching and redness around the area
may occur with its use. It will not affect normal skin cells, as it has a unique ability to discern between
healthy and abnormal tissue.

It is often used as both a diagnostic tool and a skin cancer remedy.It is advisable to try the
salve in a place other than your face on the first application, so you can experience the
process and its function. Contact us at for questions or orders.



The following information describes some of the different uses for the Indian Black Salve:

1. Use for treatment of mouth lesions, diseased gums and for removal of plaque from
teeth. Apply a match head-size portion of salve along with toothpaste and brush
teeth, gums and tongue once daily for 7 to 10 days. Repeat as needed.

2. Mix a small amount of salve in a spray bottle and use for solving foot fungus

3. Removal of warts sometimes peel off in layers and may require a second and even a
third application.

4. Sore throat – Gargle a small pea size amount of salve added to two
ounces of water. Repeat as needed.





1. Apply a sufficient amount of salve to cover the affected area. If possible, leave salve uncovered for 12 hours.

2. At the end of 12 hours, wash off any remaining salve. If the salve has penetrated
the skin, a grayish ring will start to form, usually within 1-2 days, around the core
area. Outside the grayish ring, a tender, reddish area will appear. This will
indicate the process is working normally. The gray ring must encompass the core
area in order for core to separate from the body. Some have mistakenly identified
the gray ring to be an infection, which it is not. It must be left undisturbed in order
for the core to separate.

3. The core will loosen as the treated area works its way out on its own, usually
within 7-12 days. The gray ring will begin to ooze out on its own, a further indication it’s working.

4.  After the core comes out, new skin will already have formed (if core is removed prematurely, it may bleed and a second application may be necessary)

5.  There may be an indentation that will fill in gradually over the next few weeks. Keep clean until the core area has healed.


USUALLY ONLY ONE (1) APPLICATION IS NEEDED. More applications of salve
will extend the healing period longer than necessary. The salve may cause a burning
sensation if a virus is present. If you think that “a little is good so more must be better”
or “it’s all natural and therefore must be completely safe to use”, think again! It cannot
be stressed enough that Indian Black Salve is a very powerful herbal formula.
If nothing happens, this is usually an indication that no virus is present in that area.

The salve in the container will last for many years, but if the salve ever dries
out, just add a few drops of water to make it moist again. It is best to use wood or
plastic utensils when handling the salve.


INGREDIENTS LIST: Red Clover, Bloodroot, Galangal and Sheep Sorrel mixed in the proper proportion with a mineral binder to maximize results.

Price $30